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2019 – 60 min./HD

Director: Miriam Pucitta, Michael Chauvistré

Cinematography: Michael Chauvistré

Sound: Miriam Pucitta

Editing: Miriam Pucitta

Production: Happy Endings Film

Supported by: Filmstiftung NRW

"I have many dreams. First, to become a doctor. Maybe I can fulfill the other dreams through that. In Africa, I couldn't do something like that because I wouldn't have any money. I got this idea here. When I arrived here in Germany. My counsellor had told me then that I can become anything I want here. You can also become a doctor if you're smart enough."

When his father dies, Julio is only ten. At fifteen, his mother also dies. Julio's plan is: nurse - graduate from night school - study medicine. Currently, the lack of skilled workers is often discussed in the media. This film gives an insight into the everyday life of nursing from the point of view of a life fighter, who has already made it so far and now wants to help people further.

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