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2009 – 29 min./HD

Director: Miriam Pucitta, Michael Chauvistré

Cinematography: Michael Chauvistré

Sound: Miriam Pucitta,

Editing: Miriam Pucitta

Sounddesign: Marc Parisotto

Film mixing: Michael Hinreiner

Production: Happy Endings Film im Auftrag des SWR

Editing: SWR  Jo Frühwirth

Every summer is circus time. Circus Pinocchio travels to children in Aachen and in Eastern Europe. The clown and director is Jupp Steinbusch, a post-war child from the Aachen coalfield. He not only manages to climb out of the coalpit to become a social worker and probation officer, but he also realises his dream. Even as a child he wanted to join the circus. Fifteen years ago he founded the children's circus Pinocchio.

With a camper van and a trailer full of costumes, props, and a circus tent, he travels across the country. Wherever Jupp goes, in the poor villages of south-eastern Europe forgotten by the world, the circus children are always there. There is no war there anymore, but there are enough children who need courage for the hard life that lies ahead of them.

Every child grows through circus work with the recognition they get there. And everyone hopes that Jupp will come back next year with his circus. But it is uncertain whether that will happen, because this year Jupp feels for the first time that his health might fail him.

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