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1996 – 56-68 min./Super 16mm

Director: Miriam Pucitta

Assistant director: Butz Buse

Cinematography: Thomas Bresinsky

Cinematography assistent: Tina Rohe

Sound: Walter Tietze,  Dano Falk

Music und chant: Alessandro Bongi, Eugenio Bargagli, Davide Vegni

Editing: Thomas Balkenhol, Miriam Pucitta

Film mixing: BR

Catering: Holger Gebert

Production: A piedi nudi/ Barfuß Film im Auftrag des SWR

Editing:  SDR, Jo Frühwirth und ARTE

Nominated for the Prix Europe

11. Int. Dokumentarfilm Fest München – Bester Dokumentarfilm

"Once there were the butteri and their horses, with a big hat and stripes on their jackets. There were herds of cattle, fences and the bastone, there were the slaves and the masters (they still exist today). Mosquitoes were plentiful, and malaria ruled the swamps then..." sings a Cantastorie singer in the film.

It is morning, a group of horses in the pasture. The soft morning light refracts in the hair of a horse's tail. Silence. Then a cry. It is followed by others. It is the butteri (the Italian cowboys) calling their workhorses. They saddle their horses and set off on their rounds. They are the last six heirs of a craft that has preserved an ancient tradition with its own rules and secrets.

"You learn with time and steal with your eye," says the buttero Armido. Their school desks are the wild landscape of the Tuscan Maremma. Some butteri have become myths. Their work is an ancient, millennial activity, representative of man's effort to exist in an adverse nature.

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