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1998 – 80 min./35mm (Blowup von Super 16mm)

Director: Miriam Pucitta

Story: Miriam Pucitta, Suso Cecchi d’Amico

Cinematography: Thomas Bresinsky

Assistant director: Jörg Richter, Andrea Gsell

Sound: Tim Schröder, Kai Lehmann

Gaffer: Heinrich Blank

Scenery: Saverio Sammali, Roberta amadio

Costumes: Giuliano Pannuti

Mask: Susanne Audibert

Music: Enrico Fabio Cortese, Rockgruppe “Frangar non flectar”

Editing: Agape Dorstewitz,  Miriam Pucitta

Sounddesign: Marc Parisotto

Production management: Gilbert Möhler

Film mixing: Giesing Team, Alexandre Frank, Robert Dreisattl

Agent: Shaila Rubin (European Casting Services), Studio di Nardo

Production: a piedi nudi/barfuß film 

Editing: BR alpha

Supported by: Film Fernseh Fond Bayern und Stiftung Kuratorium junger deutscher Film

Cooperation: Theaterakademie Münschen und Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München

20. Biberacher Filmtage – Bester Nachwuchsfilm

The end of the 70s. An ivory-coloured Fiat 125 with Swiss licence plates slowly but gracefully crawls up the narrow serpentines leading to a small mountain village in the hills of Tuscany. The car is crammed with everything needed for a 3-month holiday far from the comforts of the big city. And I, 13 years old, with a ruffled ponytail, look out expectantly from behind the suitcases on the back seat. The piazza of the village opens and I look for acquaintances and friends from the past summer holidays among the faces of the curious-looking villagers.

Carried by these memories, I wrote the story for "SE NON MI VUOI" ("If you don't want me"). It is set in a small village in Tuscany. Claudia lives there, newly in love with the baker's son. Love is new to Claudia and she throws herself into it with her eyes closed. Of course, she is convinced she is experiencing something special and protects her love as best she can. In my film, I didn't want to tell the excitement before the first kiss, but the agonising panic, the fixations and black holes you fall into when you're 16. Today we remember the worst sufferings of that time with a sympathetic smile. But without these experiences, we would be missing something important in life.

With: Alessia Fugardi, Eva Meier, Rüdiger Klink, Daniele Bugelli, Daniela Stanga, Giorgio Crisafi, Guglielmo Ferraiola, Michael Rossmann, Frank Ehrardt, Davide Gemmani, Graziella Scagliarini, Francesca Mulinacci, Matteo Meazzini, Francesco Ciabetti, Nicoló Crisafi and the villager of Poppi und Stia, Toscana.

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