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2011 – 87 min./HD

Director: Miriam Pucitta, Michael Chauvistré

Cinematography: Michael Chauvistré

Sound: Miriam Pucitta,

Editing: Miriam Pucitta

Film mixing: Marcel Schleibaum

Music: Axel Jansen, Fabio Mancini, Dieter Kaspari

Lyrics: Hedi Chauvistré Forst

Production: Happy Endings Film

Supported by: Filmstiftung NRW

Editing: ZDF Markus B. Goldschmitt, MDR Martin Hübner

Film distributor: Real Fiction

To this day, the new Tivoli Stadium not only makes a name for itself with Alemannia home games, but also with its wild financing and lengthy peripheral construction measures.

But even the first steps towards the second edition of the stadium were rocky: a landscape conservation area had to give way, as did a restaurant that had burnt down under mysterious circumstances. Enraged allotment gardeners were appeased with a multi-million-dollar development elsewhere after several citizens' initiatives had forced the preservation of an area. Peace and Joy takes a humorous look back at this eventful time and shows the encounters between citizens and local politicians: almost cabaret-like; sometimes dramatic; sometimes placative.

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