10 Der Traum des Vaters

2005 – 56 min./HD

Director: Miriam Pucitta, Michael Chauvistré

Cinematography: Michael Chauvistré

Sound: Jens Christian Börner, August Freyhaus, Has Swinkels

Music and chant: Lucia Lauri

Editing: Miriam Pucitta

Sounddesign: Marc Parisotto

Film mixing: Michael Hinreiner

Production: Happy Endings Film im Auftrag von ARTE

Editing: ARTE  Zdena Frölich, Jochen Kölsch

In 1964, Ezio Talamonti came to Germany with his family. Not by train- a cardboard suitcase under his arm- like thousands of his compatriots at that time, fleeing from hunger to the north. Ezio came to Munich in a new red Fiat, with his small fortune in his pocket from the sale of his bar Grappolo d'oro in Porto d'Ascoli, a small village on the Adriatic coast in the Marche. In Munich he worked as a lorry driver in the wholesale market. The two youngest children went to school in Munich, and Rinaldo, the eldest, immediately became a waiter in an ice cream parlour. Ezio's dream was to open a restaurant here one day, with the support of his wife and children, of course. But life wasn't that easy, and Ezio had to throw in the towel after three years and leave his beloved Germany.

Thirty years later, Rinaldo opens a restaurant in the heart of Munich, fulfilling his father's wish. The path there was not easy, there was great success and many setbacks. But Rinaldo's real dream remained the cinema, because there he was "the little Italian" for millions of viewers in the 70s. At the same time, he built up an Italian-German shoe business with his wife Roswitha, an Austrian. Today, the restaurant is his stage. And this time it is his son Lajos, an actor and theatre director, who has taken it upon himself to realise his father's dream. The work of a lifetime.

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