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43,30, 16 mm/Farbe

Director: Miriam Pucitta

Cinematography: Thomas Bresinsky

Sound: Marion Tomasch

Music: Alessandro Bongi

Editing: Miriam Pucitta

Production: A piedi nudi/Barfuß Film im Auftrag des NDR

Editing: NDR, Werner Grawe 

Vasco and Luigina are married, have two small children and live in a village in Umbria. They would be a completely normal Italian family if Luigina had not become a nun a few years ago- a hermit even, living alone in extensive solitude- and Vasco a Capuchin priest. Against all odds, they fought for the necessary space for their love and experienced much outraged hostility, but also understanding and energetic support. The deep spiritual dimension, which their lives as nuns and monks had, was also evident in their marriage, meaning that a very unusual and intense aura emanates from this couple, which can also be felt in the film.

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