Beer Brothers

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2016 – 94 min./HD

Director: Miriam Pucitta, Michael Chauvistré

Cinematography: Michael Chauvistré

Sound: Miriam Pucitta, Has Swinkels

Editing: Miriam Pucitta

Film mixing: Marcel Schleibaum

Music: Trio Weltenbach

Production: Happy Endings Film

Supported by: Filmstiftung NRW

Editing: ZDF Markus B. Goldschmitt, MDR Martin Hübner

Film distributor: Real Fiction

32. – Biberacher Filmtage –  Bester Dokumentarfilm

Homeland: understood- without ideological pretence- in a new search for a life in the global village. The marketers of Paulaner also play with the feeling of home: "The Bavarian attitude to life - can be experienced all over the world", says one brochure. While the numerous Chinese people rising in the social hierarchy are not so much looking for a new homeland in the imported German “cosiness”, but more for a new lifestyle, the personal question of homeland is becoming more pressing for our protagonists after so many years of going back and forth between worlds.

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